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What will be your first job after graduation?👀

Unsure? We get it! We've all been there... That's why we created the CRANIUM Job Days.

In half a day, you'll discover the wide world of consultancy, data protection & governance and information security.

You get to visit our HQ in Zaventem, discover what a consultant does exactly and whether working in privacy, governance and security matches your expectations.

You can now register:

➡️ 28 March 2024

➡️ 16 May 2024

CRANIUM, you said?

CRANIUM is a consultancy firm, specialised in privacy, security and data governance solutions. We'll leave explaining why you should work for us to our colleagues 👉🏻

How to enroll for the CRANIUM Jobdays.

Triggered to learn more? Join our Job Days and discover if the job is for you.

Register online

Register through applying for the Privacy or Security Consultant job opening. Our Talent officer will screen your CV and will call you to get to know you a bit better.

Join the Job Days

After that first call, you'll be invited to join one of our Job Days. We have two editions: one in March for the early birds, and one in May.

Match Made in Heaven 💌

Culture fit? ✅! Job description? ✅! Positive vibes? ✅! We'll offer a number of participants a contract after the Job Days to join us in September, right when the Masterclass starts.

What to expect?

We won't take up a lot of your precious time. The Job Day is half a day, from 8:30 till 12:30.

Get to know CRANIUM (Kick-off by CEO) 🚀

What does a day of a CRANIUM Consultant look like? 🙋🏼‍♂️

Introduce yourself & Speed Date with the Team👩🏻‍🤝‍👨🏾

Group Case 📚

End chat with a snack and drinks 🥤

Job Day Options

(Junior) Privacy ConsultantZaventem, Vlaams Gewest, Belgium
(Junior) Information Security ConsultantZaventem, Vlaams Gewest, Belgium

Join our Job Day...

...and find your dream job.

Do you have any questions about the jobs, the jobday or anything else? Reach out to 👉🏻 💌